gpc6 homepage

This is the new global homepage. As of october 18th 1999 new development on the global premises control system has started of with a new (and less resource wasting) inet routines. The global to global interconnector is new too.
As of 6.0.2-alpha, development of gpc6 has really kicked off!!
Did some work on the documentation.

1. Download
gpc6 r6.0.4 (31-05-00)
gpc6 r6.0.3-alpha (31-05-00)
gpc6 r6.0.2-alpha (22-05-00)
gpc6 r6.0.1 (25-10-99)
gpc6 r6.0.0
2. Documentation
gpc6 r6.0.4 readme
gpc6 r6.0.3-alpha readme
gpc6 r6.0.2-alpha readme
gpc6 r6.0.1 readme
gpc6 r6.0.0 readme
I/O electronic schematics
3. Legacy
Pre gpc-0.6.6
4. Mirror sites
Mirror at
Mirror at
Mirror at
Mirror at